Keto Diet Alcohol Guide: Is Booze Okay if it’s Low Carb?

Drinking Alcohol on the Keto Diet

Keto Diet Alcohol Guide

If you’re a boozy babe, you’re likely to ask the million dollar question: “Can I drink alcohol on the keto diet?” This keto diet alcohol guide will point you in the right direction.

First, to answer your question: yes, you most certainly can have alcohol on the keto diet.

That’s right, not all booze has carbohydrates in it!

Most spirits have 0 carbs. Take a shot or four two of vodka, tequila, or gin and you’re still sitting well below your daily carb limit.

A glass of white wine, like pinot or sauvignon blanc, only has about 3 net carbohydrates per serving.

For the most part, you’re SOL with beer due to the gluten and high carb count. You’ll see in the table below that you can technically make some light beers fit your macros (IIFYM-style), but I’m going to go ahead and give beer a big thumbs down as a keto-approved beverage.

In fact, I have a whole comprehensive list of alcoholic beverages sorted by carb count at the bottom of this post if you want to jump to the nitty gritty details of alcohol nutrition data. (CLICK HERE TO SKIP STRAIGHT TO THE KETO ALCOHOL LIST)

But before you run off and get white girl wasted with celebratory low carb drinks, there’s a few things you should know about drinking alcohol while you’re in ketosis.

I will admit right here and now that alcohol is by far my biggest vice. While my days of telling strangers I love them, sobbing uncontrollably over nothing, and woo-ing too loudly at concerts are over, I do still enjoy a good cocktail (Exhibit A: Vodka Mojito Recipe and Exhibit B: Kamikaze Shot Recipe, two of the keto diet alcohol drink recipes you’ll find on this site). This is a judgement-free zone. The upcoming lecture is just as much for myself as it is for you.

Keto Diet Alcohol Guide: Low Carb Drinks

The Obligatory Buzz-Kill

Alcohol is not a nutrient.

Booze provides nothing of nutritional value.

Remember when you took the time to figure out your macros? Your energy intake was divided into three categories of macronutrients to support nutritional ketosis and your body composition goals. I guarantee that alcohol was not included in the equation regardless of which keto calculator you chose to use.

No vitamins, no minerals, nada. Just empty calories. And we should all know by now that calories totally matter, even when your carbs are low.

And speaking of calories…

Alcohol is a calorie bomb.

Not only are these empty calories, there’s a whole lot of them. Clocking in at 7 calories per gram, alcohol is almost as calorically dense as fat. It adds up quickly. If you are meticulously tracking your macros and not accounting for the calories floating around in your rum & diet coke, you’re playing yourself. C’mon.

Temporarily alters metabolism in a way that promotes fat storage.

When alcohol is metabolized, the byproducts created are used up by the body before other nutrients.

The products of alcohol metabolism include:

  • acetaldehyde
  • acetate
  • fatty acid ethyl esthers
  • phosphatidyl ethanol

Note that none of the above are sugars, making alcohol technically “allowed” for a standard keto diet. But while these byproducts don’t necessarily spike your blood sugar, they contribute to cell and tissue damage and inhibit important biochemical pathways throughout the body. As a result, the body places high priority on burning these up or removing them from the body – same it would treat a poisonous substance. This means that glucose, lipid, and amino acid (carbs, fat, and protein, respectively) take a backseat as an immediate source of fuel and head down the path to stored energy (body fat, glycogen, etc).

In plain English: while your body is dealing with the alcohol you just drank, it delays burning the food you ate and the fat on your body. Depending on how much you’ve had to drink or eat, and how frequently you indulge in booze, your alcoholic beverages may be promoting fat storage. Last I checked, that’s the complete opposite of what most people visiting this website are interested in.

Alcohol tolerance on the keto diet plummets

Keto really lowers your alcohol tolerance. Sure you’re a cheap date now, but you’ll also have the worst hangover of your life if you don’t play it cool.

Crap decisions

I’m not talking about drunk texting your ex, I’m talking about food choices. Are you going to stick to your guns once you’ve had a couple of drinks or are you going to order Uber Eats to tour your city for a drunken binge? Honest questions deserve honest answers.

So instead of asking if you can drink alcohol on the keto diet, maybe you should ask “does this support my goals?” It may help you put things into perspective a little bit.

Keto responsibly.

Now on to the keto diet alcohol list!

All nutrition information was obtained from the USDA nutrient database.

Type of AlcoholCalories per 100gTotal Carbs per 100g (g)Fiber per 100g (g)Sugar per 100g (g)Net Carbs per 100g (g)Common Serving Size (g)Common Serving Size (household)Calories per Common Serving SizeNet Carbs per Common Serving Size (g)
DISTILLED,ALL (GIN,RUM,VODKA,WHISKEY) 100PROOF2950000421.5 fl oz123.90
DISTILLED,ALL (GIN,RUM,VODKA,WHISKEY) 94 PROOF2750000421.5 fl oz115.50
DISTILLED,RUM,80 PROOF2310000421.5 fl oz97.020
DISTILLED,VODKA,80 PROOF2310000421.5 fl oz97.020
DISTILLED,ALL (GIN,RUM,VODKA,WHISKEY) 90 PROOF2630000421.5 fl oz110.460
DISTILLED,ALL (GIN,RUM,VODKA,WHISKEY) 80 PROOF2310000421 jigger, (1.5 fl oz)97.020
DISTILLED,GIN,90 PROOF2630000421 jigger, (1.5 fl oz)110.460
DISTILLED,ALL (GIN,RUM,VODKA,WHISKEY) 86 PROOF2500.1000.1421 Jigger, 1.5 fl oz1050.042
DISTILLED,WHISKEY,86 PROOF2500.100.10.1421 jigger, (1.5 fl oz)1050.042
BEER,HIGHER ALCOHOL580.27000.273551 bottle205.90.9585
BEER,LT,LO CARB270.73000.7335412 fl oz95.582.5842
BEER,LT,BUDWEISER SEL280.87000.8735512 fl oz99.43.0885
WINE,LT491.1701.151.171481 serving, 5 fl oz72.521.7316
BEER,LT,BUD LT291.3001.335412 fl oz102.664.602
BEER,LT291.6400.091.643541 can, or bottle (12 fl oz)102.665.8056
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,PINOT BLANC811.94001.941471 serving, (5 fl oz)119.072.8518
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,SAUVIGNON BLANC812.05002.051471 serving, (5 fl oz)119.073.0135
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,PINOT GRIS (GRIGIO)832.06002.061471 serving, (5 fl oz)122.013.0282
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,CHARDONNAY842.1600.962.161471 serving, 5 fl oz123.483.1752
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,FUME BLANC822.27002.271471 serving, (5 fl oz)120.543.3369
WINE,TABLE,RED,PINOT NOIR822.31002.311471 serving, (5 fl oz)120.543.3957
WINE,TABLE,RED,GAMAY782.38002.381471 serving, 5 fl oz114.663.4986
WINE,TABLE,RED,CARIGNANE742.4002.41471 serving, (5 fl oz)108.783.528
WINE,TABLE,RED,CABERNET FRANC832.45002.451471 serving, (5 fl oz)122.013.6015
WINE,TABLE,RED,LEMBERGER802.46002.461471 serving, (5 fl oz)117.63.6162
WINE,TABLE,RED,MERLOT832.5100.622.511471 serving, 5 fl oz122.013.6897
WINE,TABLE,RED,SYRAH832.58002.581471 serving, (5 fl oz)122.013.7926
WINE,TABLE,RED,CABERNET SAUVIGNON832.6002.61471 serving, (5 fl oz)122.013.822
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,GEWURZTRAMINER812.6002.61471 serving, (5 fl oz)119.073.822
WINE,TABLE,WHITE822.600.962.61471 serving, (5 fl oz)120.543.822
WINE,TABLE,RED852.6100.622.611471 serving, (5 fl oz)124.953.8367
WINE,TABLE,RED,SANGIOVESE862.62002.621471 serving, (5 fl oz)126.423.8514
WINE,TABLE,RED,MOUVEDRE882.64002.641471 serving, 5 fl oz129.363.8808
WINE,TABLE,RED,PETITE SIRAH852.68002.681471 serving, (5 fl oz)124.953.9396
WINE,TABLE,ALL832.7200.792.7229.51 fl oz24.4850.8024
WINE,TABLE,RED,BARBERA852.79002.791471 serving, (5 fl oz)124.954.1013
WINE,TABLE,RED,ZINFANDEL882.86002.861471 serving, (5 fl oz)129.364.2042
BEER,REG,BUDWEISER412.97002.9735712 fl oz146.3710.6029
WINE,TABLE,RED,CLARET833.01003.011471 serving, (5 fl oz)122.014.4247
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,SEMILLON823.12003.121481 serving, (5 fl oz)121.364.6176
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,CHENIN BLANC803.31003.311481 serving, (5 fl oz)118.44.8988
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,MULLER THURGAU763.48003.481481 serving, (5 fl oz)112.485.1504
BEER,REG,ALL433.55003.553561 can153.0812.638
WINE,TABLE,RED,BURGUNDY863.69003.691481 serving, 5 fl oz127.285.4612
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,RIESLING803.74003.741481 serving, (5 fl oz)118.45.5352
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES,WINE,ROSE833.803.83.81482 serving, (5 fl oz)122.845.624
RICE (SAKE)134500500
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,MUSCAT825.23005.231501 serving, (5 fl oz)1237.845
WINE,COOKING506.301.556.3291 fl oz14.51.827
DAIQUIRI,PREPARED-FROM-RECIPE1866.940.15.586.84601 cocktail, (2 fl oz)111.64.104
MALT BEER,HARD LEMONADE6810.0709.7710.0700
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,LATE HARVEST,GEWURZTRAMINER10811.390011.391521 serving, (5 fl oz)164.1617.3128
WINE,DSSRT,DRY15211.6701.0911.671031 glass, (3.5 fl oz)156.5612.0201
WHISKEY SOUR,PREP FROM ITEM 1402815312.82012.7812.821061 portion, (2 oz mix + 1.5 oz whiskey)162.1813.5892
WHISKEY SOUR14913.170013.171061 portion, (2 oz mix + 1.5 oz whiskey)157.9413.9602
WHISKEY SOUR,CND11913.40.1013.32091 can, (6.8 fl oz, 200 ml)248.7127.797
WINE,TABLE,WHITE,LATE HARVEST11213.390013.391541 serving, (5 fl oz)172.4820.6206
WINE,DSSRT,SWT16013.6907.7813.691031 glass, (3.5 fl oz)164.814.1007
DAIQUIRI,CND12515.70015.72071 can, (6.8 fl oz, 200 ml)258.7532.499
WHISKEY SOUR,PREP W/ H2O,WHISKEY & PDR MIX16415.85015.8115.851031 packet, prepared168.9216.3255
LIQUEUR,COFFEE W/ CRM,34 PROOF32720.9019.7620.9471.5 fl oz153.699.823
PINA COLADA,PREPARED-FROM-RECIPE17422.660.322.3322.361411 cocktail, (4.5 fl oz)245.3431.5276
PINA COLADA,CND23727.60.1027.52221 can, (6.8 fl oz, 200 ml)526.1461.05
LIQUEUR,COFFEE,63 PROOF30832.2032.232.2521.5 fl oz160.1616.744
CREME DE MENTHE,72 PROOF37141.6041.641.6501 jigger, 1.5 fl oz185.520.8
LIQUEUR,COFFEE,53 PROOF33646.8038.346.8521 serving, 1.5 fl oz174.7224.336


  • Thanks Tasha – helpful info to keep in my pin pocket ?. Also thanks for being real. You are hilarious and educational. Best wishes. Roc

  • This made me chuckle heartily. Fond memories of drunk nights telling strangers entirely too much of my business. Ever the social butterfly 🙂

  • Thank you for the post! It’s what I need.. I have 1 question: If I should choose to have a few drinks (Vodka & water with a squirt of flavour enhancer) should I still consume the full amount of my Macros for the day and take an increase in the calories, or go with the decrease in my macros and stay within my calories?

    • Good question! Calories are king when it comes to weight loss, so the additional calories consumed in a drink will ultimately create less of a calorie deficit (or eliminate the calorie deficit altogether, depending on how much you drink). If you are planning on eating less in order to have a drink and still be at your deficit, sacrifice your fat macro over the protein macro. There’s not really a lot of wiggle room with carbs on keto since we keep them so low and it’s easier to create the deficit by limiting fat since it’s so calorically dense. Also, protein is the most important macro to “hit” on the regular. I can’t speak to the folks using keto for therapeutic purposes though; I’m assuming alcohol is most likely a no in those situations.

      You can certainly still be keto without being in a calorie deficit though. If you decide to have a drink without adjusting your macros for the day, just keep in mind that it might slow things down a bit if your goal is fat loss. Once you are at maintenance it becomes a lot easier to have a drink without playing a numbers game.

      Hope that helps!

  • Hey – I’m seth, and a dude. Your site and substance are really awesome. You’re a great writer with a particular knack for moving from a scientific to a universal way of communication – something that is very helpful and informative. Love me some whiskey and was glad I came by this as I was wrongly under the impression I could pound glasses and not compromise my pursuit…

  • Hi I’m on keto. Never felt better. But I love an occasional gin&tonic which keeps me sane 😊 Tonic water has sugar and the diet tonic tastes disgusting. Neat gin no way ugh. What can I put in my gin to make it enjoyable!?!?

    • Hi Sally. I love gin on the rocks if it’s a high end gin….it’s like a lazy martini. My go-to is Botanist…it is Scottish and very clean tasting. I like to let it melt a little. That’s said you could attempt to add a splash of sparking water or for a treat Fever Tree Naturally lite tonic has 4 carbs per serving and it doesn’t have that diet taste others do.

    • Same…I hate cheap commercial tonic and only buy Fever Tree naturally light now. 15 calories and 3.8 carbs to their individual 200 ml bottles. I add a few slices of cucumber and maybe lemon peel. Deeeeelightful.

  • Because it’s wine, same as Cava and Prosecco and Australian sparkling wine and any other sparkling wine provided it is dry fizz and not sweet!

  • Can I have whisky while following Keri diet… Or which are the good drinks while doing let diet and the level means how many pegs can I have….. Pls

  • So, this keto diet is trickier than I thought. First month, I was drinking organic ginger juice and lemon juice with vodka…found out ginger juice HAS carbs! Then I went to Heavy Whipping Cream and THAT now I find out has carbs. The last thing I wanted to hear is I can’t hardly drink zero carb booze. I didn’t know calories counted. I’m thinking after 3 months and only losing 5 pounds, I’m ready to join in the holiday merriment. f it. No….I won’t. I guess I’ll have to discipline myself more! Thanks for all the info!!!!

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