KetoGasm is a website devoted to helping women start and sustain a ketogenic lifestyle.


People tend to take diet and nutrition SO. SERIOUS. But I don’t see why we can’t have a little fun with it. My goal is to keep things lighthearted, break down complex theories into simple tidbits, and teach things that you can actually implement right away.

Learning to eat healthy shouldn’t be complicated.

My bible to nutritional ketosis is The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Drs. Phinney and Volek. Almost everything I teach about nutritional ketosis is based around the principles covered in this book. Some people find this text to be a little overwhelming, but if you’re ready to dig deep and geek out on the science behind long-term keto-adaptation, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

If you’d like me to show you the ropes, I’d be happy to! Sign up for my free Hello Keto course here.


So often dietary restrictions and special diets focus solely on sustenance, removing all joy and gratification from the food we eat. To me, eating should be equal parts pleasure and nutrition. I don’t let my dietary restrictions stop me from enjoying a tasty, badass meal. I never let “healthy” or “diet” mean “boring” and “bland”. Healthy food can still be fun, innovative and extremely delicious.

All recipes I create or feature here are carb-conscious and suitable for a ketogenic diet. But more importantly, they taste really damn good.

Carb counts will always be kept to a minimum; at least 10g or less. I try my best to use ingredients with lower glycemic index because I have mad respect for your insulin levels.

My recipes do not shy away from protein; it’s important, dude.

The fat content of my recipes range from low to high.

I also feature many “unrecipes” (aka: ingredients = meals) as I truly don’t believe you have to be a kitchen wizard or even follow instructions to fuel your body with tasty food.

Regardless of keto protocol or cooking ability, you will find something delicious that you can eat.



Hi there and welcome! I’m Tasha, the creator of KetoGasm and Keto for Badass Babes.

picmonkey-collage-avocado-eyes-smallAt my heaviest, I weighed 251 pounds and felt terrible. Not even 30 and my body was failing me left and right: infertility, PCOS, pre-diabetes, depression, the whole nine yards. That hurts to type, but it’s even more painful to think of how easily I could have done nothing about it.

My body wasn’t broken, the way I treated it was.

I hit restart on my ketogenic journey back in September 2015. During those first 4 months back on the keto diet, I lost 50 pounds! I’ve since lost over 90 pounds and learned to love my body along the way. I’ve even thrown my stupid scale in the garbage! Sayonara, sucka.

My path to long-term keto and self-acceptance was not so clear-cut. Let’s just say this is not my first rodeo. There were a few detours and even a couple of kiddos along the way. I first learned about the keto diet years ago on reddit of all places! The results people posted there were amazing and inspired me to start researching low carb diets for myself.

It was around this time that I was diagnosed with PCOS, the leading cause of female infertility. I had experienced fertility issues for several years and had no idea what caused it or what to do about it. After learning insulin resistance was at the root of my PCOS diagnosis, the practitioner gave me the choice between a lifestyle change of strict diet and exercise or prescription medication. It was the push I needed to dive head first into the keto diet. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! My symptoms disappeared entirely, I dropped weight quickly and I got pregnant three months later with a beautiful baby girl.

Some time after my pregnancy, I resumed the keto diet to get back on track and I quickly became pregnant again! A handsome baby boy this time — one of each, how lucky is that?! I went from thinking I would never get to experience motherhood to being mommy of two little cuties. Words don’t even begin to express how grateful I am and I credit keto!

Of course, I got back on the keto wagon again and serious about macros… and here we are! Eating very low carb has been a complete game changer. Keto is the first diet I have had any success following long-term and the ONLY diet I have seen results from. That’s saying a lot considering I’ve tried just about every diet under the sun.

Not only is this way of eating doable, it is enjoyable and straight up easy 99.9% of the time! The other 0.1% is why I’m here on this blog, getting creative in the kitchen to show that it really is a sustainable, satisfying, delicious way of eating. Hopefully I can give a little back to the online keto community that helped me reclaim my health. I am passionate about living a ketogenic lifestyle and the effect it has had on my weight, health and happiness.

Check out my keto diet progress video updates:

Keto Diet Progress Update – 4 Months In!

Keto Diet Progress Update – 8 Months In!


I am thrilled that you are here and I’d love to learn more about you. Whether you are just getting started or a veteran to the keto diet, please take the time to share your story as well! The folks in the online keto community are truly the best! You guys are so motivating and helpful. I really do hope to see you around. Get in touch on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest.


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