New Year’s Resolutions & Goal Setting [E10]

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It's official, 2020 is going to be absolutely freaking amazing! You heard it here first. In this episode, Tasha shares her personal mindset struggle and New Year's Resolutions while bringing insight into effective goal setting. Exciting announcement! Join us and other Ketogasm Friends in our New Year, New Me theme private Facebook community for live broadcasts, weekly Q&A, and peer support for the month of January 2020.

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Hey there, Tasha here. Before we jump into today’s episode, I have some exciting news. My brand spanking new book, Keto A Woman’s Guide and Cookbook, which is a reference guide, cookbook, and jam packed resources to help women fine-tune.heir approach to keto, has been available for pre-order for a couple of months now. And I wanted to share with you just really quick what some of the readers have been saying. Nina says, This book has everything I’ve been looking for and more. I never fully understood the keto diet until Tasha’s book. It’s not eating bacon and deep frying in butter. It’s finding what works for your body. Macros can be so confusing, but Tosha breaks it down without all the nutritional jargon. It was easy to understand and all of the free resources she provided were beyond helpful. I finally know how to make keto work for me. Thank you so much, Tasha, for making a book that everyone can enjoy.” I love hearing that. And here’s what another Amazon reviewer, T Wunder had to say. I’m only about a third of the way through, but I have to give this book a five star review now, I’ve stumbled around and tried keto before with some success, but this book explains everything and backs it all up with the research the author used. It’s also easy to read and you feel like the author is your cheerleader. This is going on my shelf along with the art and science of low carbohydrate living as my expert guides.” So first off, thank you so much for taking the time to leave those amazing reviews of keto A Woman’s Guide. What I love most is that these reviews were actually submitted when I first released my book, before my publisher asked me to do an expanded edition, complete with our recipe section and more visuals.

Pretty incredible, right? So if you’re getting started doing keto and want tstep by step, no nonsense guide to make keto work for you, or you’ve been doing keto for a while and want to hone in on the strategies and tactics that drive even better results. Or you’re tired of one size fits all keto books, not giving you enough depth and detail to understand how and why you might need to tweak things… This is why I wrote the book. Keto: A Woman’s Guide and cookbook will help you get laser sharp focus on strategies that work for weight loss, improved fat burning and hormonal balance. And it will also let you know what tactics you can stop wasting your time on. To be honest, when I wrote this book, I included all the things I wish I knew before starting keto. I wish I had something like this when I was getting started and trying to figure it all out or even after I started and wasn’t making the progress that I wanted. So here’s the deal. If you’re a woman doing keto or know someone who is. I want you to head over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a million, or your preferred online retailer and pick up a copy. Pre-orders help retailers know that there is interest in a title. So it really helps get the book search results online and end up on the shelves and physical stores. And once you get your coffee. If you could take the time to leave a quick review on Amazon, letting me know how the book has helped you, I would appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. OK. Let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode. Hey there. Welcome back. And welcome to 20/20.

Happy New Year, everybody. I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but this year is going to be fantastic. OK. It’s gonna be absolutely freakin fantastic. And I’m so stoked for 2020. Today, we’re talking all about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting. I’m going to share my own personal resolutions with you guys. I’ve actually got a little story to tell you and a fun and kind of scary to me announcement to make that I think you’ll be pretty pumped about. And of course, the goal setting, we’re going to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. What to do, what not to do kind of stuff. But before I share my resolution with you, I thought I would share a little bit about myself to set the stage, so to speak. Now, I don’t really mind talking and sharing ideas. In fact, I kinda love it, but I don’t love talking about myself. I am more of a behind the scenes kind of gal and being in the spotlight makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. That’s why I write. I develop recipes. I do food photography. Podcast in this dark little office instead of sitting in front of a camera somewhere. OK, so bear with me as a share and I promise I’ll get to the New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2020 and a bit. So a few years ago I think it was back and 2015 or early 2016. I shared a video of myself on YouTube. It was a before and after comparison. More like a weight loss progress update kind of thing.

And it was after I had back-to-back pregnancies and I was losing weight using keto and I started eating low carb and keto around 2011 and keto helped me get pregnant in the first place. It was a something that I used to manage my PCOS symptoms and including in fertility. And I had a really, really good time using keto before I got pregnant. But as soon as I was pregnant, I had a really difficult time eating low carb now and not just my first pregnancy. This is during both pregnancies. I had difficulty eating certain foods. I had really extreme aversions to certain things and I definitely did not eat keto while I was pregnant. And while I found it difficult to eat certain things, I really didn’t have a problem eating for two. And then some with the foods that I could tolerate. So I was eating quite a bit and this is all outside of my usual keto dietary pattern because it just wasn’t sustainable during that time. OK. And honestly, I made it kind of a free for all. I took eating for two to hurt. And to add to that I was very inactive. And the later half of my pregnancy as I was on light duty and even on bed rest for a little bit, which just made the weight gain even worse. OK. And so after I had my kiddos my eating normal iust I didn’t get sick when I smelled chicken or anything weird like that, I could just eat the way that I was previously eating. And I went back to a low carb keto dietary pattern.

And at the time I was over two hundred and fifty pounds. I had gained a lot of weight with my first baby and I lost a little bit and then I got pregnant again soon after. It felt like a back to back to back. Pregnant. All right. Again. So it just felt like it was all piling on. Before I had even lost the weight from my first pregnancy and I didn’t really feel in charge of my body at all. And any moms out there probably know that feeling like your body does all these wild things and then you have your kids and then you have this whole new body that you don’t really recognize. So it’s kind of weird. And I loved being pregnant, but as soon as it was over, I was just like, oh, whose body is this? I don’t really remember that being there, you know? So I decided that I’d record myself at my heaviest weight. And then four months later, I recorded my weight loss progress that occurred while I was doing keto. And I did it more for myself to see than anything. I honestly, I didn’t plan on posting it publicly at all. I just knew that keto worked really well for me in the past. And when you’re losing weight, you just you just can’t see the difference when you’re looking in the mirror. So I recorded these videos is kind of like my own proof, like, yes, this works. You’re you’re getting skinnier, you’re making progress, whatever.

And, you know, you look in the mirror every single day and your mind just adjusts and you don’t see it when you look at yourself. But I ended up losing around 50 pounds in the first four months when I was back on keto and I posted the video to YouTube and it was super uncomfortable. I remember it to this day. If I was to go back and watch, I would cringe and pick myself apart. Probably I have. I’m my biggest critic and I am a recovering perfectionist. So putting that imperfect version of myself out there was and still is incredibly difficult for me. And it was really scary for me. But honestly, it was kind of amazing.

People were so nice and encouraging and I received so many messages from people that were inspired or encouraged by the video. You know, I didn’t really know what would happen when I put that video out there, but it wasn’t the barrage of Internet trolls. That I had expected and even anticipated. People were just happy to see someone totally normal like myself. I was wasn’t the super shredded bodybuilder. I still had lumps and bumps every. Okay. So again, four months later I posted another update and at that time I had made it to my goal weight. And my goal weight or goal in general wasn’t to get skinny necessarily. It was just to be at a weight where I felt comfortable in my own skin. And I was so happy and excited to share that point that I made an update. And my goal weight and my video still had the lumps and bumps. You know, I was shredded still. And to this day I am still not shredded. And while people were still very warm and encouraging. There were all of these kinds of comments that I wasn’t really expecting to get. When I reached my goal way and there were people awake, keep going. And I was like, what the hell are you my goal weight to I really need to keep going and become skinnier. So it was like this weird thing that I started to second guess myself and downplay my accomplishments. And even though there were people that were out there benefiting from my video and seeing what’s possible when a real person does keto or a real person sticks to something for a little bit of time, I just shut down.

I didn’t want to be on video. Something clicked in me and I was like, nope, that’s why you’re behind the camera. Tosha and I just stopped getting in front of the camera. From that point on and fast forward all these years later, I have this huge Web site and programs where I help women with keto, a book and a podcast. And I’m still not really putting myself out there in that way. And I realize I could be helping so much more. I could be going live on social media to answer questions and I could be making videos and tutorials. But I’ve been holding myself back and I realize it’s just because I’ve been caught up in the what if game. You know, like I’m still not shredded. And even though that’s never been my goal. What if people look at me and think keto doesn’t work or she would be shredded? And with all this talk about mindset around dieting and body image, I have realized that I need a major mindset makeover myself. So for 2020, I’m all about working on my mindset and limiting beliefs about putting myself out there into the world. I have a message to share and people that I can help, so I’m going to do it. You know, screw the what ifs. My resolutions for 2020 are to put myself out there more, be more visible, be a real person and not just a Web site and to do things that make me uncomfortable and to kick this all off.

I am hosting a new Facebook group for the month of January. We’re gonna go alive daily for the entire month with insights and how TOS and a weekly Q&A to support your efforts to make 2020 a huge success. So I will be there to check in every single day this month. And the thought of going live is absolutely terrifying to me. It’s back to that what if scenario. But I’m kicking off my 2020 with this and I really hope you find it to be helpful for you. It’ll be a small, intimate group of peer support and you’ll get to pick my brain about keto nutrition and all that fun stuff. So if you’d like to join, just head over to Ketogasm dot com forward slash Facebook to get the invite to the private group. I will also send out the link definitely to my newsletter and probably on social media. So keep an eye out in your inbox or on your Facebook or Instagram feed. If you follow me there, I don’t know. I hope that this is going to be really small, so I won’t be doing a lot of like advertising for it. But the group itself is called Ketogasm Friends and we’re gonna be going hard until the end of January. So if you need some encouragement, support or just a small friendly community, please feel free to join in for the fun I’ve hosted.

A face. Group in the past. And it was a huge, huge success, but it was open for like open indefinitely. And so many people joined over the years that it just got super crowded and noisy and really, really hard to keep up with. So this is going to be a very nice change of pace and I’m hoping to keep it really small and focused on getting on track in the new year. And it’s all free. So it’s free because I want to thank you guys for being part of the Ketogasm community and for all of your support. And plus, I think you guys are just awesome and stuff. So thank you for being awesome. And I hope you do join us over in the group. And again, that you are l is going to be Ketogasm dot com forward slash Facebook. Or you could probably head over to the Facebook search box and type in Ketogasm friends and I’m sure the group will pop up there, although I have no idea how long that takes because I just set it all up so I haven’t tested it yet. Fingers crossed, right. If you aren’t really clear on what the focus of your New Year’s resolutions and goals should be, I’ve come up with a list to get your creative juices flowing. And I know a lot of people don’t even bother with setting New Year’s resolutions because a lot of times they’re things that people don’t stick to.

But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with setting personal goals or working towards self-improvement. The trick is to pick something that has real meaning and impact to your life and genuinely understanding the motivation and drive behind making those changes. OK. So here’s some ideas that I came up with for you guys in case you don’t have a clear idea of where 20:20 is taking you yet. Number one, start keto. I really couldn’t help myself with this when you guys know me. If you’re listening and on the fence about starting keto, then there’s no better time than the present. The very first episode of this podcast walks you through a gentle transition to keto and what to focus on when you’re first starting out. So that is going to be a great resource for you to get started. I’ve also got a free course that covers the basics called Hello keto. That’s on my web site. And one more plug for megabuck keto, a woman’s guide and cookbook. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Number two, self-love. This is a biggie. I hope that you go into 20:20 loving yourself up. Treat yourself. Do something nice for yourself. Say something nice to yourself. This could be anything from getting a pedicure every so often to limiting negative self-talk. I hope I see lots of increasing self-love goals and resolutions and the group number three is mindset. And this one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last one, especially since having a positive mindset drives the practice of self-love.

But this one was a big one for me this year, working on limiting beliefs about where I show up and what I do in this space in my business. Breaking down barriers that are holding you back from taking action in your life or shifting your thoughts. I am totally there. I am all over this one. This. Are you guys number four movement? Lots and lots of people are going to be hopping on the Jim wagon this time of year with exercise related resolutions and goals. And that’s really awesome. But think about this in a way that’s really meaningful to you. Or if you hate working out what are some types of movement that you actually enjoy doing? For me, it’s swimming, walking in the woods or hiking, lifting up really heavy stuff and seeing how strong I can get kayaking. These are all great active ways of movement that don’t involve slogging away on a treadmill or spin bike. That’s not really my jam, you know. So I think for me, finding stuff that I actually enjoy, finding things that bring you joy that you think are fun. It doesn’t really feel bad when you’re doing it. But if you try to force yourself to do things that you hate and you don’t love doing, then you’re probably. Setting yourself up for failure. Number five, the limit, meals eaten out. Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with eating out at restaurants, but it can become overkill if that’s your go to make time to shop and prepare fresh, healthy meals at home.

I firmly believe that this is the key to your health. Prepping meals at home, learning how to cook. OK, so if learning how to cook is something you struggle with. Make twenty twenty the year that you turn into the next Gordon Ramsay. OK, get creative in the kitchen or just to learn about simple food prep to make your life easier. And to boot, you’ll save money in the process. Right. So this can help support your health and your body composition. Number six, be more social. This should probably be on my list as well as I get older. It’s way easy to get swamped with kids and work and her partner and all of the other things that life throws at you to juggle. And personally, I always seem to drop the ball when it comes to throwing social life into the mix. So you need support from friends. That feeling of community. Do not let. And don’t neglect your social life and friends just because you’re a grown up. Make time to socialize. That’s a great one for 2020. Number seven, chill out. Work on reducing your stress levels. Last week’s episode was all about stress and weight loss. So if you feel like you need to take a chill pill and relax a little bit. Definitely. Check that out. Chronic stress negatively impacts your health and body composition.

So if you’re on that, get healthy train. Consider working on your stress management as part of it. Number eight, sleep. This is another thing that a lot of us, myself included, need to work on to optimize our health and well-being. If you’re struggling with sleep, consider working on it intentionally. Set a routine time for sleep. No lights, no TV. Wear those blue light glasses after dark, or stop drinking caffeine after a certain time. Get intentional because good sleep is so underrated. And number nine. This is my last suggestion for you guys. Read more books. I’m constantly reading non-fiction, but it’s been so long since I’ve gotten lost in a really good fiction story. If you love reading but don’t make time for it, consider carving out the time to be intentional with your spare time and make room for a few books in 2020. You guys, I could really keep going, but I think that’s a good start and probably got you thinking about your own world and areas that you can focus on now when you’re setting goals. Think about how you’re setting them up. One of the reasons so many people fail to follow through with their goals and New Year’s resolutions is because they’re not realistic or attainable. Good goals are smart goals. Smart is an acronym or a mnemonic for a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. I’m sure it probably changes from where you learned this, but that’s how I know it. Specific get healthy is not specific.

OK, how do you want to get healthy? Be specific in your goals. Do you want to lower your blood pressure by a certain number of points? Do you want to lose to dress sizes? Do you want to be down 10 pounds of body fat or gain two pounds of muscle? Be specific. Being detailed in your goals helps you focus your efforts on what you actually want to accomplish. M is for measurable and I want you to think of these as the metrics that you’re going to measure in regards to your to your goal. Is it your body fat percentage or your lean body mass measured? Yeah. DEXA scan. Are you going to go by the number on the scale? Whatever it is, you want to make sure that you’re working towards that you have a way of measuring your progress. OK, how are you going to measure this is a number of times you do something or don’t do something, you know? Think about it. Really think about it. Cite, assign a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely objective to each one of these things. A is for achievable. And this is huge. Probably the most important one on the out of all of these, I think. OK, so maybe you’re a couch potato and your goal is to run a marathon in. Three weeks. That’s not achievable. OK, that’s setting yourself up for failure and discourages you from pursuing your goals. You want to set smaller, more realistic goals that can help inspire motivation.

And as you accomplish these smaller, attainable goals, you’re closer to where you want to be in the long run. Right. So instead of a marathon. Why not start with a mile or even smaller than that? You know, think about where you are now and what small steps are needed to work towards where you want to be. That’s how you make real progress and achieve your goals. The are and smart is for relevant. And you want to make sure to choose small goals that are achievable, measurable, specific, that actually support your overarching resolutions by making them relevant. Right. You won’t want to come up with a bunch of irrelevant goals if you expect to have them support your big goals. Right.

You want them to be relevant. So if you want to lose 50 pounds, you shouldn’t be setting a new goal to try 50 new recipe restaurants in your area. Right. That doesn’t support your overarching goal. And finally, timely T is for a timely set, a date to have your goals accomplished by market on your calendar block off some time to actually get it done. This can help motivate you and help you adjust as needed without a timeframe. You can feel a bit directionless, right? But remember, this needs to be achievable too. So don’t condense your timeline to be unrealistic. Use time as a motivating force to gain momentum. All right. I hope you guys enjoy today’s episode. I hope to see you in the new Facebook group Ketogasm Friends again. That’s Ketogasm dot com for its flash Facebook. For those of you who are interested in joining. See you soon.

Thank you so much for tuning into this episode of the Ketogasm podcast. You are awesome. I really hope the show’s added value to your keto journey. Making big changes to your eating habits can be a little tricky, but if you’re taking the time to listen and learn about keto, you’re well on your way. You got this. Be sure to visit Ketogasm dot com for the show notes with full transcripts, references and resources to help you out, including a totally free course called Hello keto. It’s helped over seventy five thousand people start keto with confidence. I’ll see you in the next episode by.

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Welcome back to Easy Keto with Tasha, and Happy New Year! As we enter into a new year, I wanted to focus on New Year’s resolutions and goal setting as it pertains to your keto journey. Let’s start the year off right! I also have exciting announcements about Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook and our newest community, Ketogasm Friends.

Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook

This year isn’t just going to be amazing because we all get to start fresh in a new decade. It’s also due to the fact that my newest book, Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook, is being released on January 14, 2020! This book isn’t just a regular book, it’s a cool book. It’s a complete reference guide, cookbook, and jam-packed resource suitable for any woman interested in keto!

Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook is currently available for preorder now at your preferred online retailer. Once you’ve read your copy, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon! Not only do I read every single one, but they also help more people see the book! Share how the book has helped you in your keto journey, and who knows how many people you could help!

My Personal Keto Journey

I am definitely a behind-the-scenes kind of person, but I really wanted to share my story with you as part of my New Year’s resolution.

I’m Tasha. I first started eating low-carb and keto back in 2011. Doing keto helped me take charge of my PCOS symptoms and manage my fertility. Keto played a huge part in helping me get pregnant. And up until then, I had a great time following keto.

Stopping Keto

However, as soon as I got pregnant, it was really difficult to stick to a keto diet. This ended up happening with both of my pregnancies. I had an extreme aversion to certain foods, and I ended up not following keto during my pregnancies.

What I did do was eat for two. Except instead of eating for two, I had a free-for-all. I was also very inactive. I ended up on light-duty and even a brief bed-rest. None of this helped my weight gain; instead, it made it worse.

After back-to-back pregnancies, I went back to eating keto. However, by this point, I was over 250 pounds. I loved being pregnant, but by the end of it, I felt like I had lost control of my body. 

Back to Keto

So naturally, I decided to record a video of myself at my heaviest weight. After four months of diligently following my diet, I recorded a video showing the progress I made following keto. I knew keto worked well for me prior to my pregnancies; this time, I wanted to be able to see the proof of my progress. 

In those first four months, I lost around 50 pounds. So I decided to post the video on YouTube. While I was initially terrified to put myself out there like that, I ended up receiving so much encouragement and messages from people who were inspired! I wasn’t perfect; I wasn’t a shredded bodybuilder.

Eight months in, I posted my second update video. I had finally reached my goal weight and was excited to share the progress I had made. My goal weight was where I was comfortable in my skin and felt like I had regained control of my body again; I still wasn’t a shredded bodybuilder. Once again, I received a lot of encouragement. But I also received a lot of comments that told me to keep going.

These comments really made me start second-guessing my progress and downplaying my accomplishments. It made me feel like the progress I had made wasn’t good enough, and I shut down. That was the end of my videos and where I decided to stay behind the camera.

Where I Am Now

All these years later, and I still couldn’t stop thinking about the messages of encouragement and inspiration. I realized that I could be helping people so much more if I was putting myself out there like that again. I’ve been scared of the what-ifs. What if people only look at me and see that I’m not shredded, even if that never aligned with my goal? What if people think me not being shredded means that keto doesn’t work? 

I’ve been focusing a lot on mindset and body image, and I’ve realized that I need a major mindset makeover myself! Forget the what-ifs; this year, I’m shifting my mindset and putting myself back out there. I know I can help people with their keto journeys, so I’m going for it!

My 2020 New Year’s Resolutions are to put myself out there more, be more visible, be a real person instead of just a website, and do the things that make me uncomfortable. 

Ketogasm Friends: 2020 Facebook Group

As part of my own personal New Year’s resolution for 2020, I’ve created a Facebook group called Ketogasm Friends. I’ll be hosting this group for the entire month of January. I’ll be going live daily to provide insights and how-tos, as well as providing a weekly Q&A. My goal for this group is to support your efforts in 2020 and create success for you!

As you can imagine, it’s a little terrifying to decide to put myself out there. But one of my goals is to become more accessible to you. So many of you have followed me through my journey, and I really hope to be able to give back with this group.

Ketogasm Friends will be a small, intimate group. It will feature peer support for your New Year’s resolutions (we’re all in this together!), and you get to pick my brain as your keto-heart sees fit. 

To get the private invite, head over to I’ll also provide a link in the newsletter. Let’s hit this January hard, together!

Keto-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Because it’s not always easy to identify a specific goal, I’ve taken this opportunity to create some sample New Year’s resolutions for you! Ultimately, the most important thing you can do when creating a New Year’s resolution is to choose something that is meaningful to you. This will differ from person to person, but it is your best chance for success. Self-improvement is never a bad thing.

Suggested Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Start keto. If you’re on the fence or haven’t made that final leap, then there’s no time like the present to start! Luckily, we offer a plethora of resources for people brand-new to keto. You are not alone!
  2. Practice self-love. Start out your new year focusing on loving yourself. Maybe your self-love is a weekly pedicure or cutting out negative self-talk. Whatever it is, make self-love a priority in 2020!
  3. Change your mindset. Shift your thoughts and feelings, and you’ll start breaking down barriers that are holding you back from taking action. 
  4. More movement. Don’t just settle for the typical resolution of “exercise more”. Find the movement that is meaningful to you. Avoid setting yourself up for failure by committing to something you hate; instead, opt for something you enjoy and find fun. 
  5. Limit meals that are eaten out. There’s nothing wrong with eating out at restaurants, but it can become overkill. Set aside time to prepare fresh, healthy meals at home. Get creative in the kitchen, or go back to the basics so you gain kitchen confidence. You’ll be helping your health and probably saving some money as well!
  6. Be more social. While this doesn’t seem entirely keto-related, it’s still important! It can be easy to put social life on the backburner when life gets busy, but support from friends is vital. Who knows, you might even gain a new keto buddy.
  7. Chill out. Focus on reducing your stress levels. As you recall from last week’s episode, chronically elevated stress has major negative impacts on your health and body composition. Work on why certain things stress you out.
  8. Get some sleep. Good sleep is so underrated, but it is so important for optimizing our health. If you struggle with sleep, work on intentionally. No screen time an hour before bed, no caffeine after a certain time, use blue light glasses after dark. Whatever you have to do, get that good sleep!
  9. Read more books. Again, this one might not seem keto-related. But it is health-related. If you’re a reader, set aside the time to let yourself get lost in a book. Even if you don’t consider yourself a reader, there are books out there that will pique your interest! Let your mind escape into the pages of a book once in a while.

Goal Setting

Whether you use one of the New Year’s resolution suggestions or you create one of your own, try to really focus while you’re setting your goals. Think about why and how you’re setting your goals up. A lot of New Year’s resolutions fail because they aren’t realistic; they aren’t necessarily bad goals, but they aren’t very good either. 


Good goals are SMART goals. And SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. SMART goals are exactly what you need for your New Year’s Resolutions.

Get specific in your planning this year’s resolutions. Break it down and create the specifics of each goal. This will help you focus your efforts on what you truly want to accomplish. 

Create goals that are measurable. These will be the metrics you use to see your progress in relation to your goal. 

Choose something that is achievable. This may be the most important thing you can do. Set smaller, realistic goals that you can actually achieve. This will help inspire motivation, and it will stop you from setting yourself up for failure.

Pick something relevant. Don’t waste your time setting goals that are irrelevant to what you actually want. Keep it relevant, so you can support your bigger goals.

Finally, be timely with your goals. Set a realistic timeframe in which you want to accomplish your goals rather than leaving them completely open-ended. Use this timeframe to gain momentum and keep your motivation going.

Further Resources

Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook
Hello Keto: Free Course
The Easiest Way to Start Keto [E01]
Stress & Weight Loss: Destress for Success [E09]


0:00 – Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook
3:44 – New Year’s Resolutions
4:26 – My Personal Keto Journey
13:02 – My Personal New Year’s Resolution
13:20 – Ketogasm Friends: 2020 Facebook Group
16:17 – Keto-Related New Year’s Resolutions
23:01 – Goal Setting
23:13 – SMART Goals

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Are you subscribed to my podcast? If you’re not, I want to encourage you to do that today. I don’t want you to miss an episode. I’m going on an epic podcasting spree and if you’re not subscribed there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on the new episodes. Click here to subscribe in iTunes!

Now if you’re feeling extra loving, I would be incredibly grateful if you left me a review over on iTunes, too. Those reviews help other people find my podcast and they’re also fun for me to go in and read. Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is. Thank you!

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