Limiting Beliefs: Holding Yourself Back, & Self-Sabotage [E11]

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Limiting beliefs: what they are, how to spot them, and what to do instead of the self-sabotage. Join us in this week's episode as we discuss how to stop holding yourself back by shifting your perspective and beliefs. A must listen for anyone on the keto struggle bus!

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Hey there, Tasha here. Before we jump in to today’s episode, I have some exciting news. My brand spanking new book, Keto A Woman’s Guide and Cookbook, which is a reference guide cookbook and jam packed resources to help women fine-tune.heir approach to Keto-has been available for pre-order for a couple of months now. And I wanted to share with you just really quick what some of the readers have been saying. Nina says, This book has everything I’ve been looking for and more. I never fully understood the Keto diet until Tasha’s book. It’s not eating bacon and deep frying and butter. It’s finding what works for your body. Macros can be so confusing, but Tosha breaks it down without all the nutritional jargon. It was easy to understand and all of the free resources she provided were beyond helpful. I finally know how to make Keto work for me. Thank you so much, Tasha, for making a book that everyone can enjoy.” I love hearing that. And here’s what another Amazon reviewer, T Wunder had to say. “I’m only about a third of the way through, but I have to give this book a five star review now, I’ve stumbled around and tried Keto before with some success, but this book explains everything and backs it all up with the research the author used. It’s also easy to read and you feel like the author is your cheerleader. This is going on my shelf along with the art and science of low carbohydrate living as my expert guides.” So first off, thank you so much for taking the time to leave those amazing reviews of Keto A Woman’s Guide. What I love most is that these reviews were actually submitted when I first released my book, botr my publisher asked me to do an expanded edition, complete with a recipe section in more visuals.

Pretty incredible, right? So if you’re getting started doing Keto and want a step by step, no nonsense guide to make Keto work for you or you’ve been doing Keto for a while and want to hone in on the strategies and tactics that drive even better results. Or you’re tired of one size fits all Keto books, not giving you enough depth and detail to understand how and why you might need to tweak things. This is why I wrote the book. Keto A woman’s guide and cookbook will help you get laser sharp focus on strategies that work for weight loss, improved fat burning and hormonal balance. And it will also let you know what tactics you can stop wasting your time on. To be honest, when I wrote this book, I included all the things I wish I knew before starting Keto. I wish I had something like this when I was getting started and trying to figure it all out or even after I started and wasn’t making the progress that I wanted. So here’s the deal. If you’re a woman doing Keto or know someone who is. I want you to head over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble Books a million or your preferred online retailer and pick up a copy. Pre-orders help retailers know that there is interest in a title. So it really helps get the book seen in searchsearch results online and end up on the shelves at physical stores. And once you get your copy, If you could take the time to leave a quick review on Amazon, letting me know how the book has helped you, I would appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. OK. Let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode.

Now, I have been talking a lot about mindset lately because as I work towards my own goals in my personal life and in my business, I am running into these blocks that I did not expect to be there. And if you listen to my last episode, you know that I’ve been holding back. I have not been putting myself out there. So one of my resolutions was to knock it off. Stop hiding behind the blog, the mike, the computer, the camera, whatever, and start getting in front of people and saying, hey, what’s up? Answer questions in real time. You know, that kind of thing. Really step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always had a huge fear of public speaking, being on camera or just being in the spotlight in general. And I have been actively avoiding these types of situations my whole life, but especially in my business. I’ve been saying no to quite a few opportunities, which really doesn’t do me any good. Right? It doesn’t support my goals. It’s self sabotage. And that’s what I want to talk about today. Do you think saying, “oh, you want me to speak at conference?”onference and immediately saying no is as good for a small business owner and author? Of course not. Or “you want me to do a video?” Or “you want me to be a spokesperson for you? NoNo, of course I can’t do that, because then I would have to get in front of people.

So all of these things have been huge, huge pain points for me and my business and limiting my success right there, self-sabotaging and my growth and my improvement and limiting what progress I can take and work towards my goals. And because I’ve been holding myself back. It’s prevented me from enjoying so many cool opportunities! So I decided that the absolute scariest thing that I could do right now to take quick action immediately was to start going live on social media, because it kind of combines all of my big fears and, you know, scary ideas that I’ve been avoiding actively. So I thought, hey, I’m just gonna start. Go on life, because that’s terrifying to me. So I went live on Facebook and then I went live in a couple Facebook groups in addition to my page and on Instagram. And, you know, I went everywhere I could possibly think of to go live and get in front of people all on January 1st. That was like my first step to like break down the barrier was just to l confront it head on and be like, you know what, I can’t do that. And guess what, guys? It wasn’t scary. I’m still alive. I didn’t die. You know, I’m totally, totally fine. And then I’ve been doing it every single day after that. So I have been going live every day, confronting my fear and doing it and practicing and getting past that fear and that limiting belief that has been self-sabotaging me from from the get go, basically.That II can’t do something or I shouldn’t do something. And instead I’m doing it and I’m practicing and I’m getting better. And it.obody cares. Nobody’s judging me. And if they are, then guess what? It doesn’t matter. Right. Like, it really doesn’t matter.

And I share this with you to bring attention to the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back in your life, because whether or not we’re actually aware of them, we all have them. We all have limiting beliefs. And I know a lot of you are down to tackle scary new things in the new year with your goal setting and resolutions and getting back on track with Keto. But I want to bring awareness to these limiting beliefs for you when it comes to your dietary patterns and eating habits or any of the new changes or trying to take on right now. Because I’m blessed to live with a life coach and I have business mentors and coaching that allow me to regularly reflect on these types of things. So I’m painfully aware of my own limiting beliefs, but you might not have somebody in your corner helping you identify areas where you’re really holding yourself back. Areas where you could be self-sabotaging like I was and sometimes continue to do when we want to change something. We have these ideas about what we should do and what we need to do or want to do. And sometimes our behavior doesn’t exactly match what we want, right? How many times have you wanted to lose weight or wanted to start eating healthy and never got around to taking action? Or you give up because there’s always something that goes wrong when what you want and what you do don’t match up.

This creates anxiety and it drives all these negative thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes you’re aware of them, but often they happen at a subconscious level. And these negative thoughts drive negative feelings that drive negative actions. And they don’t really support your goals. Right? What you really want. So you stay stuck, frozen in inaction or you give up. Right. So when you can take the time to do the work and figure out what negative beliefs are at the root of all of this, you can shift them. You can replace these negative limiting beliefs that you have with positive goals, supporting beliefs. And the way you can do that is with positive affirmations, which takes practice. But if you can catch yourself in that negative thought loop and stop it dead in its tracks, you can come out on top. You can stop self-sabotage before it gets out of control because you are in charge of your thoughts and beliefs. You just need to practice identifying what they actually are. Then become your own biggest cheerleader and positive affirmations can really be key to tackling these kind of things. But you have to say them over and over and over and practice them until you start to believe them. So what I’m going to do in this episode is share some of the really common limiting beliefs surrounding Keto and healthy eating in general to help you spot the limiting beliefs that might crop up in your day to day life.

And I’m also going to be sharing ideas that you can swap out in place of the negative thoughts and self-doubt that come up so you can start practicing those positive affirmations everyday. Okay. When we make any changes to our life that’s outside of our typical routine and comfort zone, it brings up a lot of stuff. You know, deep down, buried stuff, lots of feelings and frustrations and all these ruffled up beliefs that you may have about yourself. And the biggest clue for spotting a limiting belief is an excuse because excuses a lot of times are limiting beliefs disguised as obstacles. But the key to really figuring out if it’s a legitimate excuse or just limiting beliefs, rearing their ugly heads and self-sabotaging. You try to think about the situation and facts instead of feelings, because when you bring it down to facts and logic, you can see through the B.S. that you trick yourself into thinking. Like you might be thinking, I’m too old to lose weight” or “it’s too late for me to get healthy. That would be a limiting belief because your age has very little to do with whether or not weight loss is possible. OK. There’s just something deep down where that negative thought is brewing. Shift the thought and the belief. Look for other women your age that are fit and healthy. Look to the weight loss success stories and find inspiration. And people who are living proof that not only is it possible, but that you can do it too.

Or practice the positive affirmations. “Old” is relative, and there’s certainly no reason that that needs to be the limiting perspective for you. Okay. Stop identifying as old or too old. I really love when I hear people describe their age as X years young. It always makes me smile. So just listen to the difference. “I’m 50 years old. I can’t lose weight.” To: I’m 50 years young. I can do this.” See how dramatically different that comes across? Procrastination is another way limiting beliefs can appear. Excuses like “I am just not ready or not today. I’ll start on Monday. I’ll be ready then. When you start to make excuses about when you can and can’t do, that’sthat’s dragging your feet. That’s procrastination. And under all of that is a limiting belief. Driving those thoughts and actions or inaction in this in this scenario. Perfectionism is another big one. And perfectionism is huge in Andthe Keto space. OK, “I don’t want to start yet because I’ll screw it up. What if I don’t get my macros right? I don’t want to do this wrong. If you’re a perfectionist or an overachiever, I get you. I understand you because I once was you. and I am a recovering perfectionist. And that desire to get everything just right can be really strong. And it’s holding you back from taking action and moving forward. It is paralyzing sometimes. OK, so stop being afraid to mess up and not do things right.

Okay. You know, most information for nutrition, stuff like all the nutrition info and data is based on estimates like even the nutrition label on food packaging. Okay. Averages and estimates. So if you’re stressing and obsessing with making every single gram of carbs, fat, protein, calories, electrolytes, all of that align with a goal from a calculator that’s also based on averages and estimates.Please stop doing that. There is nothing wrong with macros and tracking, but you need to know and understand that if these numbers are driving your inaction or negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you are stressing about ball park estimations. Not really fine tuned accurate things. OK. So think of these things like “about this much.” OK, “about this. Like I’m waving my hands like that squiggly line. OK. Don’t let metrics and perfectionism sabotage your dieting efforts and make you feel like you need to like spend a lot of time like honing it in and fine tuning it before you do anything. OK, let’s say you’re going along just fine and you eat over your intended carbs. What do you do? Is this a cheat? “Oh, no, I screwed up. No, no. It’s not cheating. You’re not doing anything wrong. You are learning by doing, your hands on. You’re taking action and you’re getting the hang of it. They aren’t mistakes. It’s just experience. OK, so diet perfection is a big limiting belief and it’s a culprit for self sabotage. And this is especially especially big in Keto, where you have all of these self-proclaimed Keto experts that have been doing the diet for a couple weeks themselves.

And they’re like, “that’s not Keto. We like to call them the “Keto policebecause they like to tell everybody what they’re doing wrong. And a lot of times it’s the blind leading the blind, and they don’t know what they’re doing either. They’re totally new, knownothing about nutrition.nd they want to know that they’re doing everything right. So they go around judging other people for doing things differently than they’re doing. They don’t really have a solid grasp on what they’re doing in the first place. Orumaybe they do have a lot of understanding, but they like those rigid black and white rules. Right. That’s that’s not helpful. OK, so that diet perfectionism, if it’s coming out and you’re putting it on other people, that’s that’s really not helpful. OK, so keep it to yourself. If you have these weird thoughts and ideas in your head about what’s right and what’s not thatat doesn’t that doesn’t help anybody. OK, stop being a perfectionist and stop trying to force other people to do everything your way. Which leads me to my next big excuse, driven by limiting beliefs: blaming other people. I see this all the time and I know it can be frustrating, but you really aren’t in control of what other people do or say. So when you say things like, I can’t stick to Keto because my boyfriend keeps making hash browns with breakfast and I have to watch him ear carbs while I eat my eggs” or I couldn’t do Keto because my husband ate my rotisserie chicken I bought.

So I had to eat thethe pasta that was in the cupboards,” or my friend said she was gonna do Keto with me, but she stopped now and I can’t stick with it without the support.” Those are excuses, but they’re not legitimate facts and reasons why you can’t or do something. Okay? They are excuses that are preventing you from reaching your goals. You can still work towards your goals. You don’t need permission to eat a certain way. It’s ultimately your choice and your decision. Now, obviously, these are just some things that can throw you off when you’re just getting started making dietary changes and you can easily fall into that mindset trap where you don’t ever make any real progress by sticking to your goals. But what if you do stick to your goals and then the mindset blocks jump out at you? Let’s say you stick to your goals, you eat Keto and you lose weight. You meet your body composition goals and then your limiting beliefs start showing up. Likeliklike when you start receiving compliments about your appearance and you think “I don’t deserve this attention or praise.” That’s a limiting belief or when you want to buy yourself a new pair of pants. But think to yourself, “I don’t want to spend money on designer jeans because what if I gain it all back? These what if hypothetical situations and negative self-talk can give you insight to your limiting beliefs as well.

So I do want to make sure to include this because I know lots and lots of you listening have been going strong on Keto for a long time now, but you can still evaluate your limiting thoughts and continuously improve on your mindset after you’ve reached your initial goalsand you can reframe all of these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that once you become aware of them, no matter what they are, replace them with what you would rather think and feel instead of I don’t deserve this. When you receive compliments, reframe it. I worked hard for this. Eliminate the what ifs when you want to buy a new pair of jeans. Of course I deserve a new pair of jeans that fit. I worked hard for this. OK. So I just wanted to bring this up again as you shift gears and do the work. Be aware of your own negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back and do the work to actually eliminate them. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. Please be sure to leave a review on i-Tunes, letting me know what was the most helpful to you. reviews help others find the podcast as well. So please help spread the love and I’ll see you guys next week.

Thank you so much for tuning into this episode of the Ketogasm podcast. You are awesome. I really hope the show’s added value to your Keto journey. Making big changes to your eating habits can be a little tricky, but if you’re taking the time to listen and learn about Keto, you’re well on your way. You got this. Be sure to visit Ketogasm dot com for the show notes with full transcripts, references and resources to help you out, including a totally free course called Hello Keto. It’s helped over seventy five thousand people start Keto with confidence. I’ll see you in the next episode. by.

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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Easy Keto with Tasha. This week’s podcast episode will focus on limiting beliefs and how self-sabotage prevents us from reaching total dietary success. 

Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook

As you may have heard, my newest book, Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook, is being released on January 14, 2020! I could not be more excited to share this new venture with you!

This is a book FOR women doing keto BY a woman doing keto, including all of the things that I wished I had known when I first started. It’s a reference guide, cookbook, and resource. It is packed full of tips and information to help you fine-tune your keto diet for your specific needs.

Keto: A Woman’s Guide & Cookbook is available for preorder right now through your favorite online retailers! Don’t wait to reserve your copy!

Also, I would love it if you could leave an Amazon review once your book arrives. Share how the book has helped your keto journey, the progress you’ve made, and the recipes you’ve tried. Reviews help retailers gauge how much interest there is in a book; ultimately, your review will help other people see the title as well!

Thank you so much for your support. Bring on January 14!

Going Live: Limiting Myself

If you tuned into last week’s podcast, you’ll recall that I shared my New Year’s Resolution. For those of you that missed it, my resolution is to stop hiding behind the camera and instead get in front of it!

I’ve noticed that I’ve had a mindset block of my own, and these limiting beliefs affected my personal and business capabilities. So for 2020, I’m shifting that mindset. I’m saying no more to self-sabotage, and I’m saying yes to getting out of my comfort zone!

To jumpstart this mindset shift, I decided to do one of the scariest things (to me). I decided to go live on social media. I went live on Facebook, Instagram, various Facebook groups, and anywhere else I could think of. And then I kept doing it.

Do you know what I’ve learned so far? I’m still alive. Nobody’s judging me; if they are, it doesn’t matter. The things that have been holding me back really aren’t that bad. I’ve tackled the first barrier in my limiting beliefs; I can’t wait to destroy the next one! 

Limiting Beliefs

The reason I shared my progress in shifting my mindset is that we are all being held back by limiting beliefs. Given that we are all here because of keto, it’s not unlikely that you have some limiting beliefs surrounding your diet. Specifically, we’re going to target the limiting beliefs that involve your dietary patterns, eating habits, and any other new changes you’re currently taking on.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a life coach or business mentor that helps them identify their limiting beliefs. Sometimes, we’re left to navigate these beliefs by ourselves. 


Are you sabotaging yourself and your progress? You might be quick to say no, but let’s focus on the subconscious level of sabotage. Does your behavior ever fail to match the things you actually want for yourself?

Negative thoughts drive negative feelings; in turn, those negative feelings drive negative actions. This negativity isn’t just a downer, it could be actively preventing you from fully reaching your goals. You stay stuck, frozen in inaction; sometimes, you give up completely. Your limiting beliefs succeed in limiting you.

Moving Forward From Limiting Beliefs

How do you move forward when you’re the one holding yourself back? You start by identifying your limiting beliefs. What are the negative thoughts that ultimately lead to negative actions? Maybe you have a friend who can help you identify your areas of self-sabotage. If you’re on your own, then it’s time to do some self-reflecting.

Once you’ve identified your negative thoughts, it’s time to shift them. Replace the negativity with positive goals and their supporting beliefs. Practice with positive affirmations. The next time you catch yourself in a loop of negativity and self-sabotage, use those positive affirmations. Keep repeating them to yourself until you can stop the self-sabotage. Then, repeat the process again the next time those negative thoughts appear.

You CAN stop the self-sabotage because you are in control of your thoughts and beliefs. The more you practice your positive affirmations, the easier it gets. Eventually, you will say them enough that you truly start to believe them. You’ll realize that your limiting beliefs aren’t really limiting you anymore.

Common Keto Limiting Beliefs

While everyone has their unique limiting beliefs, some of them are more common than others. This is especially true when those beliefs relate to your diet. 

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

One of the easiest ways to spot a limiting belief is to analyze your excuses; this is because limiting beliefs frequently disguise themselves as excuses. At first glance, something might appear to be an obstacle. In reality, it is just an excuse that is allowing you to self-sabotage.

So how do you determine if it’s a legitimate obstacle? Focus on the facts of the situation, not the feelings. When you break an excuse down by the facts and logic, it’s a lot easier to see the B.S.

If you realize it’s just an excuse, but you’re still struggling to get past it. Start using your positive affirmations. Look at weight loss success stories. Find inspiration in people who have worked past their obstacles and excuses.

Watch What You Say

Limiting language are crystal clear signs of limiting beliefs. Watch out for “I can’t” and “I don’t” statements in addition to excuses. If you are communicating boundaries about your identity–who you are as a person and what you represent–be mindful of how that can affect your actions. “I am” statements can also clue you in to possible beliefs holding you back.

  • I don’t like working out
  • I could never stop eating carbs
  • I’m too old to get in shape
  • I’m way too busy to cook healthy meals
  • I’m not the kind of girl who goes to the gym
  • I don’t have money for that kind of food
  • I can’t afford [the gym, keto groceries, learning materials]
  • I’m fat
  • I’m too lazy to meal prep


Procrastination is another way major limiting beliefs show up, especially when it comes to dieting. It’s always easy to make up a reason as to why now is not the right time, but all you’re really doing is holding yourself back. There will never be a time when everything aligns perfectly. When you fall for procrastination excuses, all you’re really doing is letting this limiting belief win.

Diet Perfection

Perfectionism is huge in the keto space. Switching your dietary pattern is a big step, and it makes sense that you would want to do it perfectly. You want your diet to work for you, so you feel like everything has to be perfect. The desire to get everything right can be really strong; this desire is also a limiting belief that is preventing you from moving forward.

Nutrition information is a game of averages and estimates. If you’re stressing over every single gram of carbohydrate, fat, protein, electrolyte, etc. aligning with a calculator-driven goal, it’s important to realize that it is still an average or estimate. 

Macros can be an incredible tool for dieting. However, the stress over these numbers could be the driving force of your negative thoughts, beliefs, or actions. Don’t let metrics and perfectionism hold you back.

Maybe you get caught up with the idea of cheating on your diet. You think if you go over your intended carb limit, you’ve cheated; maybe you feel guilty about it. Before you go any further with your diet, know this: you’re not cheating. You are learning in a hands-on experience. This isn’t a mistake, it is an experience. 

Too many people try to police keto. They tell everyone what they are doing wrong; chances are, they aren’t doing everything right either though. They might have a strict set of black and white rules that they think everyone should follow. Neither of these are right, and they’re definitely not helpful. If you’re realizing you’re part of the keto police, please just keep it to yourself. 

Everyone’s diet is different and unique to their person. Keto diets might follow the same general parameters, but they will be tweaked to fit each person’s needs and desires. Don’t try to force perfectionism on yourself, and don’t force it on other people either.

Blaming Other People

You are not in control of what other people do or say. Just as you can’t force your way into another person’s diet, you can’t let other people affect the way you diet either. There will always be someone else who does something different. 

Your partner doesn’t follow keto and you’re forced to watch them eat carbs. Someone in your house ate the food you had planned for yourself. Your keto buddy dropped out, and now you don’t have your support system. These are all just excuses. They’re not legitimate obstacles. Allowing excuses like these to dictate your diet is allowing your limiting beliefs to control your dietary success. Ultimately, changing your way of eating is your decision alone. You don’t need permission, and you don’t need to rely on other people.

Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

It’s so easy to fall into a mindset trap that prevents you from making real progress towards your goals. For some of you, the mindset blocks don’t start until after you’ve already met your dietary and body composition goals. 

Whether you are new to keto or you’ve been going strong on keto for a long time, you can still evaluate your limiting beliefs and continuously improve your mindset. 

Once you identify a negative thought, no matter what it is, replace it with what you would rather think and feel. Substitute “I don’t deserve this” with something positive. There is no time like the present to begin reframing negative beliefs. You have worked hard to get where you are. Don’t let your negative thoughts stop you from enjoying your success!

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7:17 – Limiting Beliefs
8:07 – Self-Sabotage
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12:57 – Procrastination
13:26 – Diet Perfection
17:01 – Blaming Other People
18:02 – Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

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