How to Make Loaded Fauxtato Skins [Video]

How to Make Loaded Fauxtato Skins [Video] #keto #cauliflower #lowcarb #atkins #bacon #potato #fauxtato #atkins #healthy

These loaded fauxtato skins are nothing short of magnificent. I’m dead serious, you guys. Making these delightfully low carb “potato” skins should be your top priority. Drop everything you are doing and go snag the ingredients for this insanely good recipe from butterisnotacarb.

Are you at work? Leave.

School? Get outta there.

I’m not usually one to condone playing hooky, but there’s a reason for my sense of urgency.

The similarity between these and real potato skins is uncanny! It’s not a “close your eyes and pretend you’re eating something else” kind of recipe we’ve got here. It’s a “oh &%$, I think I just cheated on my diet because that tasted exactly like a potato” kind of recipe.

I honestly couldn’t believe I was eating cauliflower when I took a bite.

How to Make Loaded Fauxtato Skins [Video] #keto #cauliflower #lowcarb #atkins #bacon #potato #fauxtato #atkins #healthy

If you’re not on your way to the grocery store yet, I hope it’s because you have a packed fridge that you’re walking towards to pull out the following: cauliflower, cheese, butter, heavy cream & egg.

Cauliflower is transformed into “potato skins” by blending the ingredients together and baking. Yep, that easy! If you use a muffin top pan, they hold their shape really well and transfer smoothly.

Just finish them off with your favorite low carb baked potato fixings and enjoy!

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Thank you so much to Alison for giving me the opportunity to feature her recipe in my video! It was a blast to film and a pleasure to eat! She has some truly amazing low carb and keto food on her blog, so check out her page and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a recipe.

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Wait. What are you still doing here? Go make these loaded fauxtato skins!

How to Make Loaded Fauxtato Skins [Video] #keto #cauliflower #lowcarb #atkins #bacon #potato #fauxtato #atkins #healthy

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