New Year's Resolutions & Goal Setting Cover Image

New Year’s Resolutions & Goal Setting [E10]


It’s official, 2020 is going to be absolutely freaking amazing! You heard it here first. In this episode, Tasha shares her personal mindset struggle and New Year’s Resolutions while bringing insight into effective goal setting.

Exciting announcement! Join us and other Ketogasm Friends in our New Year, New Me theme private Facebook community for live broadcasts, weekly Q&A, and peer support for the month of January 2020.

Menstrual Cycle Sabotage: Hormones & Dieting Cover Photo

Menstrual Cycle Sabotage: Hormones & Dieting [E08]


Have you ever felt like your hormones are killing your progress on keto… or any other diet you try? If you feel like your menstrual cycle wrecks your metabolism, eating habits, and weight, this episode is for you. Join us to learn how monthly hormonal fluctuations can impact your dieting efforts, along with strategies to avoid the common traps women often experience. Stop blaming your hormones and start working with them instead!

Gaining Weight on Keto Cover Title

Gaining Weight on Keto [E07]


Gaining weight on keto is not only possible, it’s too taboo for most folks in the keto space to talk about. So we’re tackling it!

Join us as we discuss the reasons behind keto weight gain and what you can do to get things moving in the right direction again.

Keto Plateau & Weight Loss Stall Cover Image

Keto Plateau & Weight Loss Stall [E06]


Frustrated by a keto plateau and worried that you aren’t losing weight on keto? Join us as we discuss weight loss stalls, why you aren’t losing weight on keto, and what to do when it feels like keto is not working any more.

This show is packed with action-based strategies to help you break past your plateau and develop realistic expectations for your keto weight loss journey.